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Integrated Environment, Inc - Oklahoma Septic System Service, Pumping, and Aerobic

Aerobic Treatment Systems

Chances are if you have had a standard septic system, you've not thought much about the workings of your sewer system. Although aerobic treatment systems may require more maintenance and are more costly to operate, the benefits are many.

Aerobic Treatment System Benefits:

  • Correct Many Failing Systems.
  • Do Not Require a Large Area.
  • Suitable for Nearly any Soil Condition.
  • Much More Environmentally Conscious Than Their Septic Counterpart.

To Better Understand an Aerobic Treatment System, We've Outlined the Major Components of this System.

Components of An Aerobic Treatment System
All aerobic treatment systems consist of an equalization tank, an aeration chamber, and a disinfection chamber and surface application. These components work together to treat, disinfect, and apply the wastewater.

Equalization Tank
This serves as the first stage of treatment where it separates the solids from the liquids (effluent) before it flows into the aeration chamber.

Aeration Chamber (Aerobic Treatment Unit)
Air is injected into the wastewater, causing the natural bacteria to break down the organic material found in wastewater. In this step, the wastewater is settled, separating the solids from the liquids (effluent).

Disinfection Chamber
After being treated in the aeration chamber, the treated effluent is disinfected in the pump tank. The most commonly used disinfectant used is chlorine, although ultraviolet (UV) and ozonation are used in some systems.

Pump Tank
The treated effluent travels through the pump tank to the surface application area.

Surface Application
The disinfected effluent is now suitable for surface application. The pump tank pumps the effluent to a distribution system that uses sprinklers for surface application.

Alarm System
Every aerobic treatment system must have an alarm to notify the owner of a system failure.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about an Aerobic Treatment System. Just contact us!